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Updated: May 27

We are delighted to be partnering with the Recruitment & Employment Confederation (REC) to make our Fit for Work App available to over 3,500 member organisations.

We have been working very closely with Morson Group, the leading Engineering recruiter, on our workforce app to help improve Health, Safety and Wellbeing on safety-critical sites. After some quick adaptation, we have launched a new COVID-19 version that can help more agencies remobilise their workers during the pandemic. Making this C-19 version free to use for all REC Members and Good Recruitment Collective Employers, we are helping all organisations get their workers back on site safely.

The app asks each worker a few simple C-19 related questions when they check in (e.g. ‘do you have the right equipment/PPE to do your job’, ‘do you understand your organisations social distancing advice’ and ‘are you showing any COVID-19 symptoms?’) and a few questions when they check out, which includes a wellbeing question about how they are feeling. Depending on how the worker answers the questions, they are either given confirmation to continue work or advised to contact their supervisor to discuss any issues.

The app fulfils three major functions which all employers will find imperative to manage their total workforce. Firstly, if the worker answers positively they are provided with some reassurance to start work, something we all need right now. Secondly, if they answer negatively they are given some advice in the app and their supervisor or agency contact is notified to connect with the worker. Lastly, these alerts and data can be used to help stop the further spread of the virus when lots of workers return back on site.

Stephen Reilly, Customer Director for, who develop and manage the Fit for Work app said, "We hope by making this version of the app available to REC members for free, we can play our part in getting the nation moving again and help to kickstart the economy. I have worked with the REC for many years on different projects and know their members will be keen to help get their workforce back on site quickly, but more importantly, as safely as possible."

Neil Carberry, Chief Executive for the REC said: “Nothing is more important than the health and safety of staff members. Coronavirus has thrown up a whole range of challenges for employers in terms of managing the risk of spreading the virus, and also addressing the mental health needs of staff during this time. Social distancing means things will have to be done differently and employers will need to innovate in their approach. That’s what our partnership with Facecheck is about. By putting this technology in the hands of our members and the 500 companies in our Good Recruitment Collective, we hope employees can return to work feeling safe and confident that their employers are looking out for them. This is vital for the entire economy to bounce back from the lockdown.”

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